Burning questions everyone was asking after last night's MasterChef episode

Matt Sinclair and Reynold Poernomo returned last night, and fans are demanding answers!

By Holly Royce
Last night's episode of MasterChef saw the exciting return of MasterChef Australia alumni Matt Sinclair and Reynold Poernomo, two of Australia's most successful former contestants.
The two former contestants cooked off against contestants in a surprise twist during round two of an invention test.
While it was undoubtedly nail-biting (Spoiler: Khanh was fast-tracked to finals week) the competition is not what fans were searching for after the episode.
We answered the most searched questions following the episode below.
You're welcome.

Matt's Noosa Restaurant, Sum Yung Guys, in Sunshine Beach on the Sunshine Coast

Matt was the 2016 runner-up of Channel 10 television series MasterChef, and in the past two years, he has taken the culinary world by storm by opening a popular, albeit quirky, restaurant with three of his best friends on the Sunshine Coast.
The restaurant, Sum Yung Guys, serves up remarkably good pan-Asian food in share plates. You'll find Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean inspired dishes on the menu. The decor is as well-loved as the food, with neon signs and street art-covered wall.
Matt with his partner and their baby.

More people were left asking about Reynold Poernomo's girlfriend than his restaurant

Considered one of the most successful former MasterChef contestants, Reynold Poernomo may have 'only' come in fourth during Season 7, back in 2015, but the dessert king is now the co-owner of renowned KOI Dessert Bar in Sydney, along with his brothers, Ronald, Arnold.
However, it wasn't his career that people were searching, it was his love life. He is, after all, everyone's culinary crush.
Sorry to burst your bubble - Reynold Poernomo's girlfriend, Chelia Dinata, features regularly on his Instagram and just graduated from a Bachelor of Commerce at UNSW.