No one supports Dami Im more than her husband Noah Kim, and it’s the unconditional love everyone deserves

He's been by her side since before X Factor.

By Faye Couros
Before the stage lights shone down on Dami Im's face when she won X Factor in 2013, her husband Noah Kim was already lifting her to star heights in their relationship.
The 32-year-old married Noah in Seoul in 2012, and after multiple albums, tours, and even representing Australia at Eurovision,* Dami's biggest fan has always been her husband. You just need to look at his doting Instagram posts to see.
In 2019, Dami told the Daily Telegraph that her social worker husband has helped her feel connected and grounded through her crazy journey.
"We got married a year before the whole talent show thing, so he's been there with me through all of it," she said.
"It's really good to have him there, he understands everything I've been through and goes through the changes with me.
"Even though I'm the one in the spotlight he has been there with me."
The couple don't have children yet, but in a 2014 Nova radio interview, she revealed starting a family is on the cards.
"We have friends that have kids, and they tell us how miserable their lives are," she shared.
"When I was in my teens, I thought I wanted four (children), and then I got in my 20s and started dating, and I said, 'Aw, it's a bit too much hard work. Three is good'.
"And then we were talking about marriage, and I was like, "Maybe two', and now we're married we're like, 'Mmm, maybe none," she finished.
After conquering the Australian music industry, Dami is setting her sights on Celebrity MasterChef.
While we are excited to see her cooking skills, it's certain no one will be cheering louder than Noah – so on that note, let's celebrate their marriage in the gallery below.

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