The 8 healthiest fast food options for your family

Convenience AND nutrition.

By Rebel Wylie
Whether you're just looking for a night out of the kitchen, needing a convenient meal between all the kids sports training or stopping in to fill bellies on a family road trip, fast food chains have been a saviour to parents for decades.
But their reputation as nutrition providers hasn't always been ideal. As convenient as a Happy Meal is, they do come with a side serving of parent guilt.
The tide is changing a little on that front as more and more healthy options sneak onto the menu. Companies are recognising that convenience and nutrition can go hand in hand and us parents have more nutrition choices than ever before.
Mexican-style fast food giant, Guzman y Gomezis leading the charge when it comes to recognising that families who want fast food aren't always chasing a grease hit.
They've recently officially transitioned to a 100 percent clean food menu.
A spokesperson from Guzman y Gomez says of the change: "At GYG, our menu has always been built on the use of fresh, whole, real ingredients and now we're proud to say that our food menu is free from all added preservatives, artificial flavours, added colours or unacceptable additives.
"It is also fully customisable, so customers can tailor their meal to align with any dietary requirements or preferences they may have."
Guzman y Gomez (GYG), has officially transitioned to a 100 percent Clean food menu. (Image: Supplied)
And they're not the only ones recognising the need for healthier options when it comes to fast food.
With some careful menu selections, even the traditionally 'naughty' fast food chains can offer a nutritious meal solutions when you're on the go.
You'll find some of our favourite healthy fast food choices in the gallery below.