He put a ring on it! Jessica Mauboy's engagement news

The pop star has some shiny new bling on her ring finger.

Her lyrics often feature lines of heartbreak and lost love, but it appears that Australian singer Jessica Mauboy may have to look elsewhere for inspiration as her own romance has reached its crescendo, with boyfriend Themeli Magripilis finally popping the question in Greece!
A source close to the couple reveals the soccer player whisked the songbird off to his native homeland of Kalymnos, a remote island in Greece, where after getting the nod of approval from family, he finally popped the question.
It's believed he proposed while they lounged under the sun alone on the island's rugged Palionisos Beach.
Taking to Instagram, Themeli proudly photographed his new fiancee showcasing a huge sparkler on her wedding finger. "My paradise!" he captioned.
Their close friends were quick to flood the post with their well-wishes. "Congratulations to you both. Well done Themeli. So happy for you," one friend wrote.
Jess is reportedly over the moon with the engagement, with the source revealing she had hoped Greece would be the location "where her great love would finally pop the question".
Themeli has been dating the songstress for more than 10 years. Image: Media Mode
"He has such a great soul," Jessica says about her long-time love. Image: @themeli89/ Instagram
She was later spotted out the front of a famous Greek bridal store in the port town of Pothia.
While Jess always knew she wanted to get engaged in Greece, deciding on the location of their wedding ceremony will be tricky.
WATCH: Jessica Mauboy opens up about her long-distance relationship. Story continues after video...
"Jess will be torn about where to actually tie the knot," says the insider. "She is so proud of her Northern Territory roots and heritage, and she has a huge family, so logistically it would be hard getting them all to Greece."
Jessica has publicly stated in the past she "knew" the pair were going to get married and have children in the future. "He's a God-given gift," she said.
Friends have been quick to congratulate the couple. Image: @themeli89/ Instagram

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