Reality TV stars share their health and fitness secrets to how they get those HOT bodies

''I'm not looking for someone new right now''
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It’s no secret that reality TV stars put their hearts – and their bodies – on the line when it comes to love.

The pressure-cooker environment of a reality show can often come with a side of weight gain, and now some of the stars share their health and fitness secrets for a hot body and a happy mind…

In an NW exclusive, Married At First Sight stars Carly Bowyer, Nadia Stamp and Cheryl Maitland plus Love Island’s Cassidy McGill and Taylor Damir, bare all and tell us their secrets.

Would MAFS stars Carly Bowyer get back with Troy Delmege? (Source: Instagram)

Carly Bowyer, Married at First Sight

She soared to stardom on this year’s Married At First Sight when she ditched her “hubby” Justin Fischer and surprised everyone at the reunion by rebounding with co-star Troy Delmege.

And since splitting with her cheeky boyfie, Carly Bowyer, 33, has been working on her revenge rig.

“When I was coupled up, I was with a very, very big eater. I felt like I was competing with him and my portion sizes increased, that’s for sure,” she laughs.

“I think love fat is definitely a thing!”

Carly Bowyer is working on her “revenge rig! (Source: NW Exclusive)

Nadia Stamp, Married at First Sight

It’s not been easy for MAFS star Nadia Stamp, who reveals she’s faced body critics for years as a model.

“I was constantly worried about my weight, and when I went to castings they’d be like, ‘You’re too fat for this, you’re too skinny for this,'”she recalls. “I look back now and think, ‘God, I’m glad I’m

not there again!'”

These days, Nadia, 38, loves the skin she’s in, revealing she exercises three days a week doing weights, and considers Jennifer Lopez body goals. “She’s natural and fit,” gushes the stunner, adding, “I don’t plan to go under the knife to enhance it – it’s my body and I love and respect it.”

It helps that the beauty has a partner, Glen, who makes her feel good about herself. “I’m very lucky,” she says. “We’ve just gotten our own place and our plan is to be with each

other for the rest of our lives.”

Yep, that means an engagement is near! “We’ll start with a ring, and then kids will be on the cards,” she says.

But the question we’re all asking is, will her ex “hubby” Anthony Manton be invited to the wedding? “Definitely not,” she laughs. “Haven’t even heard from him – don’t know what he’s doing!”

Nadia Stamp faced body critics for years as a model. (Source: NW Exclusive)

Cheryl Maitland, Married at First Sight

Cheryl Maitland became the breakout star of 2017 when she dumped her hubby to re-couple with another. And a year later, the 26-year-old stunner is still getting recognised on the street – although she says she’s living a much quieter life with her boyfie Dean.

“I’ve shown Dean what ring I want, but we’re in no rush to get engaged. We want to have kids and settle down – I’ve met my best friend,” she gushes at our photo shoot.

For now, Chez and Dean are focused on getting fit together. “In the first year with Dean, we were just eating like animals, we were so comfortable, we thought, ‘You’re going to love me no matter what!'” she tells NW.

“At the start of this year, we both decided to get back into the gym and get things under control, so now I go to F45 four times a week.”

The hairdresser says her time on the show didn’t help her figure, either. “At home I wouldn’t drink every night,but you do on the show, so that definitely played a part in my weight gain,” she admits.

“And TV does add 10kg – it did for me anyway!”

So now it’s about regular workouts and watching the diet.

“Dean makes overnight oats and we have that for breakfast. I have something like tuna and crackers for lunch, then almonds or fruit for a snack. At home for dinner, we’ll just make some kind of chicken and vegies or salad – we try not to eat carbs in the evening.”

It’s onwards and upwards for Chez! (Image: Channel Nine)

Cassidy McGill, Love Island Australia

With all the drama Cassidy McGill stirred up in the Love Island villa, we’re surprised she even had time to focus on getting in shape, but the star, 23, tells NW she dropped a heap of weight during her time on the show thanks to daily weight sessions with co-star Eden Dally – and a crappy supply of food!

“I actually lost weight on the show because I hated the food. It was dreadful. It was like prison food – so disgusting and repetitive!” she reveals.

“I don’t know how much weight I lost exactly, but people were definitely noticing.”

Yep, Cassidy broke the curse that is piling on the pounds while filming reality TV!

“I can understand why that happens, but we weren’t given much alcohol on the show, which is what can cause the weight to pile on in that situation,” she says. “We were given only, like, one standard drink a day, so it wasn’t like we were binge drinking in the villa… Thankfully, they didn’t fill us with alcohol because it could have caused even more drama! We were good enough at causing that on our own.”

Instead, Cass spent her time flexing her muscles with the boys.

“The first few days walking around in a bikini were daunting, and you do feel a bit self-conscious, but you get used to it pretty quickly,” she admits.

“Before going into the villa, I was in the gym six days a week, and while I was there I trained every morning. Eden would run me through a session, then I’d try to get the girls doing it with me, but usually it was Eden and I training together. Training every morning was a way to keep my sanity – it gave me something to do and helped keep me sane.”

And Cass has maintained the same attitude since leaving Majorca.

“I like to train in the morning five to six times a week. I do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and, as for eating, I follow the 80/20 rule – which is eating healthy 80 per cent of the time and leaving the rest for treats,” she spills.

“I’m a creature of habit, so I have Weetbix every morning with milk and honey, then for lunch or dinner I’ll generally have leftovers, which is usually something like spaghetti bolognese, or a Mexican bowl with sweet potato, or salmon, which I’ve just started eating.”

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Tayla Damir, Love Island Australia

After taking out Season One of Love Island alongside Grant Crapp, Tayla Damir has gone from strength to strength – literally!

The model, 22, who endured a public split with Grant just weeks after filming wrapped, left Perth for a new life in Sydney and found love with fellow Islander Dom Thomas, 25.

But it wasn’t easy to get to the happy place she’s in now. “I work out six days a week – it’s honestly my therapy,” she tells NW. “It makes me really happy.”

Tay says she and her trainer Dan O’Dare have been doing a lot of “circuit training involving core work” to help her get a six-pack. “It’s so hard to get definition on my lower stomach, so we’re working on that at the moment, and everywhere else we’re building lean muscle,” she tells.

Tayla Damir realised only recently that it doesn’t matter what weight she is. (Source: NW Exclusive)

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