Neighbours cliff-hanger: Dangerous Finn makes a deadly return

‘He never gives up!’
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With the trauma of Finn’s most recent tirade still fresh in her mind and the villain still on the run, Bea has struggled to move on.

Yearning for closure in Neighbours this week, Bea decides to search her ex’s cabin for clues as to his whereabouts. But she finds more than she bargained for when the devil himself walks through the door of the bush hideaway.

“It will never be easy to let go of Finn,” Bonnie Anderson, 24, tells TV WEEK. “She never knew what he was capable of – and after everything, she wanted answers.”

A horrified Bea tries to keep her composure and play along with Finn’s advances.

“She wasn’t expecting she would ever see Finn (Rob Mills) face to face,” Bonnie says. “She’s in absolute fear of her life.”

Bea tries to convince Finn she’s still in love with him. But when he tests her by suggesting they move to the bedroom, she falters.

“It was a shock to see Bea, but Finn rolls with it and plays it to his advantage,” Rob, 36, explains. “He always likes to play mind games with her.”

The villain quickly turns on her, revealing he knew all along she was lying. Somehow, Bea manages to escape the cabin and flee into the bush, but Finn is hot on her trail.

Finn chases after Bea.

Meanwhile, Susan (Jackie Woodburne), Elly (Jodi Anasta) and Xanthe (Lilly Van der Meer) realise where Bea has disappeared to and race to find her.

As Bea makes a terrified dash to her car, she runs into the women. Shocked to hear Finn is back, they try to make a quick getaway.

Bea runs in to Susan, Elly and Xanthe.

But Finn is too fast and cuts them off.

“He’s like The Terminator – he never gives up,” Rob says.

Finn puts poor Bea in a stranglehold and a tense cliff-top standoff ensues. Things quickly escalate and, in the confusion, Finn tumbles over the edge.

As his body lies limp at the base of the cliff, we’re left asking: who pushed him?

Who pushed Finn over the edge of the cliff?

Neighbours airs weeknights, 6pm, on Eleven.

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