Married at First Sight Australia: Where are they now

There has been babies, break ups and everything in between!
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We’re weeks out from the launch of season five of our favourite guilt pleasure, Married At First Sight.

To celebrate the return of the Channel Nine show, NW has toured the country to check in with our favourite cast mates to bring you the biggest reunion ever!

Mark Hughes – Season Two

Mark is now a proud dad!

Victorian farmer Mark Hughes became an instant fan favourite after the Season Two premiere as he worked hard at winning over Sydney slider Christie Jordee, 40.

And it paid off because they eventually fell in love… until distance caused them to split in June 2016.

Only months later, Mark met his babymamma Marie Angeleski online and welcomed his first child – a gorgeous girl called Stevie, in November of 2016.

“It’s been a fast-paced relationship!” Mark, 39, admitted.

Does that mean he’s hearing wedding bells?

“It’s something that’ll happen at some stage, I guess,” he shared.

Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr – Season One

Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr are planning their real wedding


Our fave Melbourne natives Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr are back together!

After a brief split last year, which led to Erin unfollowing Bryce, 33, on Instagram, the pair are stronger than ever and talking marriage – for real this time.

“No relationship is easy and we definitely have our ups and downs,” Erin confessed.

“But if things keep going well, then of course we’ll get engaged,” Bryce added.

Simon McQuillan – Season Four

Ladies, he is single!

Season Four’s Queensland farmer Simon McQuillan, 37, promised to give his relationship with Sydney nurse Alene Khatcherian, 31, a red-hot go, but after a disaster that crippled Simon’s personal life, which he’s yet unable to talk about, Simon called it quits.

“It was a horrible decision to make and damn right I was really upset when I eventually said to Alene, ‘I can’t do it.'” Simon explained to NW.

He’s still on the market and hoping he can find The One.

“I’ve had offers of a different kind, but it’s like, thanks, I’ve done the one-nighters, but I don’t want to put my clothes back on and spend the next day on my own,” he mused.

Bella Frizza – Season Three

Bella’s in love

Bella Frizza, 32, walked down the aisle with the wrong Michael first time round.

It was only a couple of months later when she fell in love with the right Michael – and she’s more excited than ever to meet him at the end of the altar.

“I talk about it all the time. He gets all funny and weird and he’s actually said ‘I’ll propose in two years’ time and then we’ll get married in five to six.’ And I’m like, ‘No babe, that is not what is happening,'” she laughed.

Simone Lee Brennan – Season Two

Simone wants to meet the right guy.

Season Two hopeful Simone Lee Brennan was set up with Xavier Forzzy, 27, for a short-lived showmance.

And since then she’s been looking for a real-life romance! The make-up artist has moved to Melbourne, hoping to fine The One.

“Five years of dating consistently in the one city – nothing seemed to really work,” she said.

“I figured if I don’t try and really put myself out of my comfort zone, then I’ll be single a long time.”

Sharon Marsh – Season Four

Shaz says she’s really happy.

Perth gal Sharon Marsh moved across the country to settle down with former party boy Nick Furphy in Melbourne.

She got an apartment with him, she was talking kids and even had “I love Nick” tattooed on her foot.

But it was all short lived for Shaz and Nick as they called it quits month later and Shaz is back home in Perth.

“I felt like I was in the movie Sliding Doors when I was on the cusp of moving to Melbourne to give Nick and I a try. My life could have changed significantly,” she admitted to us.

Rumour has it she’s found love again with Perth business owner Julian Rosevear! When asked if it’s true she’s moved on, Shaz told NW, “Maybe, maybe – all I can say is I’m really happy!”

Alex Garner and Zoe Hendrix – Season One

Our favourite success story!

It was a fairytale ending for Season One’s Alex Garner and Zoe Hendrix.

The lovers have lasted the distance and even welcomed gorgeous baby Harper-Rose to the world in November 2016.

“I never was the clucky type who daydreamed about babies…but motherhood is by far the most humbling, fulfilling and empowering role of my life,” she quipped.

Rumour has it their even planning for baby number two!

Andrew Jones – Season Four

Controversial Jonesy is now focusing on his music career.

The firefighter of Season Four who was ditched on his wedding night by bride Lauren Bran, then hooked up with Gold Coast bikini model Cheryl Maitland for it to end in disaster, has swapped the hose for an acoustic guitar!

Andrew Jones has been busy in the studio, preparing tracks to appear on Triple J’s Unearthed! Move over Bieber!

To see our exclusive photoshoots with the cast and read interview with fan favourites Simon and Alene and co, pick up NW now!

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