We discuss the big talking points on TV this week

From Yummy Mummies to The Handmaid's Tale, here's what the TV WEEK office are talking about.
Yummy Mummies

1. Yummy Mummies: Not what we were expecting

If there’s one thing Yummy Mummies has taught us, it’s how not 
to behave when you’re pregnant.

Only a few episodes in and viewers have already slammed the controversial reality show, with some labelling it “disgraceful”.

But it’s not all bad for the four expectant mothers, with their lavish lifestyles and controversial opinions 
enticing some reality addicts.

Will we see the ladies reach their 
due date, or will they leave our screens prematurely?

2. Australian Ninja Warrior: Knockout performance

It seems everyone in Australia is talking about one show: Australian Ninja Warrior.

Featuring the world’s toughest obstacle courses, wonderful athletes and unforgettable stacks, it’s been years since we’ve seen anything this fun.

With the show attracting more than a million viewers each episode, the grand finale on July 25 is sure to be huge. We can hear the chants for season two already!

3. The Handmaid’s Tale: A tale like no other

The Handmaid’s Tale has to be one of the most confronting shows currently on TV.

It brings to life the futuristic dystopia of Margaret Atwood’s novel, and let’s just say – this future is not bright for women.

Elisabeth Moss’ (above left) performance as Offred is Emmy Award-worthy. While it makes for unsettling viewing, The Handmaid’s Tale is well worth a watch.

4. Offspring: New look Nina

We’re loving the all-new Nina (Asher Keddie) in 
this season of Offspring.

While she’s still prone to 
a dramatic hallucination 
or two, she seems more grounded this time around.

After everything she’s 
been through, it’s nice to see her having some fun and letting her hair down.

5. Here Come The Habibs: Hoping for many Habib returns

Australia is running low on smart, edgy comedies.

Surely then, it should be 
a no-brainer for culture-clash comedy Here Come The Habibs to return for 
a third round. That said, there’s no news yet on future seasons.

While the show’s ratings were solid, 
they weren’t spectacular. Here’s hoping we haven’t seen the last 
of the Habibs and O’Neills.

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