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EXCLUSIVE: Survivor Australia’s Flick Egginton reveals her 15kg weight loss

''I've never felt better!''
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Flick Egginton slayed when she appeared on the third season of Australian Survivor in 2016, finishing in fourth place.

But as a returning All Star, fans have noticed that the 27-year-old is seriously ripped this time around!

What’s her secret?

“I’m a huge fan of F45,” Flick tells NW.

“Before I went on Survivor last time, I weighed 78kg. Now I’m 63kg and I’ve never felt better mentally.”

We get the lowdown on the babe’s body blitz…

Flick pictured before her 15kg weight loss.

(Credit: Channel 10)

The star absolutely rocking a bikini after her 15kg loss!

(Credit: Supplied)

NW: Hi, Flick. You are looking fierce!

Flick: I take so much better care of myself now.

When I did the show in 2016, I was younger, so I was out partying and drinking more.

But when I found out I’d be going to Samoa, I hit the gym – and I haven’t stopped going since!

Flick says she feels happier and healthier now.

(Credit: Instagram)

What a babe.

(Credit: Instagram)

How has your body changed?

As soon as I started working out four years ago, I lost 10kg.

Then when I got into F45, I lost another 5kg and got strong!

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’ve battled issues around anxiety and depression, and daily exercise has helped me so much with that too.

WATCH BELOW: The most dramatic celebrity weight loss transformations. Story continues after video.

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Can you win All Stars?

I hope so. I’m fit enough to win now! But my great rival Brooke Jowett might have an issue with that…

After you blindsided her last time, was it awks to be reunited in Fiji?

Kind of, but we’ve had a chat and now we both want the best woman to win!

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