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Pucker up! The Bachelor’s Matt Agnew gives out plenty of kisses in the latest trailer

And throws one unlucky lady out.
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Channel Ten have surprised us with yet another explosive Bachelor trailer and it’s safe to say we won’t be short of smooches.

In the latest glimpse into the upcoming season, we see Matt Agnew share plenty of kisses in his search for love and we can confirm he won’t be pulling a Honey Badger by the time finale comes around.

You can watch the full trailer in the player above, but if you forgot your headphones or want a quick summation, Matt gets up close and personal with many of the girls. Yes we’re jealous.

And Bachie fans were quick to notice this, commenting on the official Bachelor Instagram page.

One fan penned, “so much drama! And so much pashing haha it gonna be good tehehe”

“Can’t get over how beautiful he is. Also looks like he’s a serial kisser 😞,” said another.

We’re going to see a lot of love this season.

(Image: Network Ten)


(Image: Network Ten)

It wouldn’t be The Bachelor without a pool hook up.

(Image: Network Ten)

But if you thought it was all going to be starry eyes and sweeping romantic gestures, don’t worry there’s plenty of drama too and Matt isn’t afraid to lay down the law.

In fact, things are set to get so heated in one episode that the 31 year-old astrophysicist tells one contestant to leave the mansion for calling him a ‘dog f—er and a disrespectful pig.’

He then tells the lady at the centre of the drama, “It’s all starting to sound like bulls— to me. I think it’s best you leave the mansion,” before telling the rest of the contestants, “For me, tonight’s been a tremendous waste of time. And I’m p—ed off. That’s it.”

We have a forced mansion exit on our hands this season!

(Image: Network Ten)

That said, we will get the Bachie happy ending we’ve been craving with a sneak audio hint of Matt’s final declaration of love.

“I’ve never believed in the perfect woman until I met you, I love you,” we hear him say.

Until then, we’ll just re-watch Matty J and Laura profess their love for each other to warm us up romantically for this season. Bring on July 31!

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