Who is Matthew Hussey - The Single Wives dating coach?

He's the charming British dating coach we keep hearing about, and he's guiding the Single Wives to love.

By Holly Royce
British relationship expert Mathew Hussey is an onscreen and online communication sensation taking the world by storm.
He's about to star on Seven's The Single Wives and there's a good reason for that.
Thanks to the 31-year-old's title as a a New York Times best selling author, his 2.6 million Facebook fans and over a million YouTube subscribers - Mathew has been dubbed the world's top dating coach.
In 2008, at just 21, Mathew launched, which soon lead to a book and a YouTube channel dedicated to providing women a man's perspective of relationships and communication.
Seven's new relationship series The Single Wives hosted by Fifi Box follows the four women as they go through what Fifi describes as a "dramatic, emotional and romantic transformation while searching for a second chance at love.
Each of the women, aged in their 30's and 40's, has been married before, though each marriage ended in heartbreak.
The women are jumping back into the dating pool with the aide of "the world's #1 dating expert dating coach", Matthew Hussey.
Here's a few other things you need to know about Mathew.
Mathew Image credit: Seven

Mathew Hussey and the Single Wives

He's no stranger to appearing on TV as a dating coach, and Mathew is very open and upfront about his motivation for going on the Seven's new reality show.
"I have a huge demographic of women who have been through breakups or divorce and are looking to get back out there again," Mathew told Seven. "I love helping those types of women because the right advice can mean the difference between someone hiding from love, repeating negative patterns in the people they choose, or finding happiness."
"This show focused on that group of people and I knew it would therefore speak to a huge number of women across the country."

Who is Matthew Hussey's wife?

While Mathew Hussey doesn't have a wife right now, he does have a pretty famous girlfriend.
According to E! 20-year-old singer, Camila Cabello has been officially dating Matthew Hussey since February 2018.
Camila has publicly declared her love for the 31-year-old Brit, and admitted she was a fan of his YouTube channel before they met.

Matthew Hussey's famous friends

There are endless testimonies speaking to Mathew's success as a dating coach on his website, including several from celebrities.
Eva Longoria says Matthew is "a genius whose magic needs to be shared with the world".
Ryan Seacrest reveals Mathew the kind of person you "just want to spend a lot of time with."
One thing is for sure, The Single Wives are going to be in good hands.
The first episode of The Single Wives airs on Seven, July the 18th at 7:30 pm.