EXCLUSIVE: Is Larry Emdur replacing Andrew O'Keefe as host of The Chase Australia?

''Seven are hoping he can take over as soon as possible.''

By Woman's Day team
With The Chase Australia host Andrew O'Keefe reportedly back in rehab, following a relapse of the health crisis that forced him to take months of leave from his job last year, Woman's Day can reveal Seven is already in talks to secure a replacement.
"It's Larry Emdur! Seven are hoping he can take over as soon as possible," says a network spy.
"Things are volatile at the moment, they're fast running out of prerecorded episodes and are hoping he'll be on board," the source adds.
Channel Seven are hoping Larry Emdur will take over hosting duties ASAP. (Images: Getty/Channel Seven)
Larry, 55, is no stranger to fronting game shows.
The dad-of-two famously hosted The Price Is Right on three occasions and is now hosting Seven's The Morning Show.
"They can't suffer any further rating slumps and they know Larry is the game show quick fix!" quips the insider.
Larry hosted The Price Is Right back in the 2000s. (Image: IMDB)
Woman's Day previously reported that production for The Chase Australia was postponed last November until January, just weeks after Andrew revealed he's back on top following an eight-week break to seek mental health treatment.
According to our insider, Andrew had been struggling after a bitter divorce from his wife Eleanor.
"He's in a very bad place and Seven execs are worried about him," a source said at the time.
"They're hoping this break gives him the space to sort himself out."
WATCH BELOW: Andrew O' Keefe says his life was "meaningless" after marriage breakdown. Post continues after video...
"Everyone hits a part of their life where they really question what it's all about and who they really are, whether what they have done for the last four or five years means anything," Andrew said on Sunrise as he reflected on the turbulent period in his life .
"And I think, when I split up from my wife, that was my time. and the thing I always believed in most of all in this life was the power of love and combining with someone to make something special, and when I lost that, I thought well, it was all meaningless."

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