Inside the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana

A retrospective look back at the wedding of the century.
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Before Harry and Meghan, before Wills and Kate, indeed even before the Princes’ and their spouses existed, there was another royal wedding that turned heads the world over.

An estimated 750 million people tuned into watch the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and it’s fair to say they were not disappointed.

There were thousands of flowers, enough white tulle to make several 80s-styled wedding gowns, a tiara fit for a princess and, of course, the couple everyone wanted to see.

While we all know the sad ending that eventuated from their relationship, there’s no denying the wedding was a memorable sight to behold.

Now, as Prince Charles reaches his 70th birthday – a big milestone for the Prince who has led a colourful life – what better time than the present to take a wander down memory lane and enjoy the best moments from his and Diana’s 1981 royal wedding.

Grab a cuppa, sit back and keep scrolling as we relive their 80s wedding in all its glory.

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A train as far as the eye can see! Princess Diana made her grand entrance into St Paul’s Cathedral with a frock that didn’t do things by halves! (Image: Getty)

Diana’s ivory silk taffeta and antique lace gown was valued at a whopping AUD $270,000. (Image: Getty)

The couple were joined by 3,500 guests who gathered at St Paul’s Cathedral to watch the nuptials take place. (Image: Getty)

Charles wore his full naval commander uniform for the service, while a nervous Diana stumbled her words as she said her vows. (Image: Getty)

The royal couple had seven others in their bridal party including Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, daughter of the Earl of Snowdon and Princess Margaret and Clementine Hambro, the great-granddaughter of Sir Winston Churchill. (Image: Getty)

Hats of all shapes and colours brightened up the ceremony. (Image: Getty)

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Princess Diana and Prince Charles exchange wedding vows in 1981

The bridesmaids certainly looked better behaved than some of the young royal wedding entourages we’ve seen of late! (Image: Getty)

The royal couple gracefully waved at onlookers as they exited the church. (Image: Getty)

It wouldn’t be a royal wedding without a carriage procession! The couple smiled and waved to thousands of onlookers who lined the streets following the wedding. (Image: Getty)

Crowds flocked to get an eyeful of the royals on their big day. (Image: Getty)

Following the carriage procession, the couple held a private dinner with 120 guests. (Image: Getty)

In true royal tradition, the newlyweds took to the balcony of Buckingham Palace for – you guessed it – more pictures! (Image: Getty)

Much to the crowds delight, the Queen and Prince Phillip also joined the couple on the balcony. (Image: Getty)

We’d be amused by all those royal fanatics too! The Queen and Diana shared a chuckle on the balcony. (Image: Getty)

The money shot! (Image: Getty)

Charles and Diana, who had a 13 year age difference between them, looked royally perfect in their official photographs. (Image: Getty)

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