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How Jennifer Aniston memes are blowing up the internet

The Brangelina divorce news is understandably trending but it’s memes of Brad Pitt’s ex that are all over social media.

It’s like Team Aniston has been just sitting there, biding their time, waiting for the moment they can leap in and take revenge. Since Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s marriage shockingly blew up in 2005, team members have been making memes and GIFs, storing them patiently in holding files all over cyberspace just waiting to release them with fanfare on to social media. It’s Hollywood, they knew the time would come, their mission just required patience.

But Team Jen will be silenced no more. All over Twitter and Facebook memes and GIFS are exploding onto, with a whole lot of people jumping on the Team Jen bandwagon.

Before people start getting upset and thinking we are making fun of divorce, we are not. We are sharing how the world reacts to celebrity news. We don’t really know anything about why the golden couple of Hollywood mark 2 (Brad and Jen were surely the first incantation) have split, and over the days, weeks and months there will be all sorts of “exclusive” insights coming out.

But in the mean time, we can sit back and enjoy some fun memes. And wonder how Jennifer is viewing all this…


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