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Nostalgic ‘90s Aussie music icon Darren Hayes exposes the bizarre PR pitch that landed in his in inbox

We can see why he turned this one down.

By Maddison Leach
Savage Garden were an Aussie music hit in the '90s and stir up some serious nostalgia for many of us today.
And if you've ever wondered what duo Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones are up to in 2021, the answer will definitely surprise you.
Decades after they shot to success with hits like I Want You and Truly Madly Deeply, the pair are still fielding invitations to take part in bizarre PR stunts.
Daniel Jones and Darren Hayes during the height of their Savage Garden fame. Getty
Singer Darren took to social media on Tuesday to share an outrageous email he received about remaking 1997 hit To The Moon And Back.
"What's the problem with that?" we hear you ask.
Well, he'd have to sing a new version of the song with lyrics that are all about food delivery.
The 49-year-old took to Twitter to expose the ridiculous email and reveal to fans just how many offers like it he turns down.
"If you knew how much money I turn down and how hard I fight to protect your high school memories..." he wrote alongside a screenshot of the email, which included the new lyrics.
If you don't quite remember, Truly Madly Deeply was an emotional love ballad all about loving someone, well... truly, madly and deeply.
The song was a prominent feature on romantic mix-CDs in the '90s and early 2000s, but this new version misses the mark.
The PR email pitched the following lyrics for Darren to sing:
I'll bring you Greek, I'll bring you French, I'll bring you Japanese.
I'll bring you Thai, Steak from the Pub, bring all the food that you need.
Close to your door with every step, I'm outside holding your food.
It will be warm, I will be tasty 'cause I'm counting on a real good rating.
That's the reason I'm bringing, you Deep Fried Chicken
I want to stand with you on food mountain
I want to float with you in some cheese.
[insert brand name] Like this forever
Until more fries rain down on me."
Honestly, we can see why Darren turned it down.
Darren revealed the baffling email on Twitter. Instagram
The singer has offered a unique insight into what major acts from years gone by actually deal with in the age of '90s nostalgia.
It won him plenty of praise on Twitter, with old and new Savage Garden fans poking fun at the lyrics.
Others tried to guess which food delivery company had pitched the song (we won't speculate here, but one name seems to fit) and why the idea was green lit in the first place.
But most people were just baffled that anyone would want to "ruin" the original Savage Garden song, which won Single of the Year at the 1997 ARIAs.

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