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“It's been very hard”: Jasmine Yarbrough finally breaks her silence on dating Karl Stefanovic

The duo were first spotted together five months after Karl’s split from his wife of 21 years.

Jasmine Yarbrough has opened up for the first time about her highly-publicised relationship with Karl Stefanovic, explaining that she felt unprepared to cope with the amount of interest from the public and media.
"I don’t think anyone expects this or prepares to have this much attention," the 33-year-old told the Daily Telegraph. "It’s been very hard."
Jasmine, who was careful not to reveal too much about the relationship, went on to hint at a move from Los Angeles to Sydney. The former model currently runs her fashion label, Mara and Mine, from the mecca of creatives.
"I think eventually, Tami, my business partner and I have always planned to do that," she told the publication.
“We would definitely like to base ourselves from here,” she continued, adding that she quite enjoys flying back and forth between Australia and Los Angeles for the moment.
Jasmine said it had been "hard" dealing with the the amount of interest surrounding her relationship with Karl.
Last month, Karl, 43, opened up to Stellar magazine about the breakdown of his 21-year marriage to Cassandra Thorburn.
“I certainly did not expect to meet someone five months after I broke up with my wife,” he told the publication.
“That was not planned, I did not know her before. I met her on a boat in Sydney. We have a really lovely relationship, but it’s got to be slow for a variety of reasons. I’m not going to share too much on that publicly because I don’t think that’s fair on anyone involved.”
He continued: “It was unexpected and lovely, but we’re going to try to keep a level of privacy to how we’re going and what we’re planning, especially considering I have three beautiful children who need to be taken into consideration.”
The duo, who preferred to keep a low-profile in the early stages of their time together, have only recently begun to attend public events together.
According to The Sunday Telegraph, the media personality has given his ex-wife over $6 million worth of assets and will continue to pay child support for their three children -- Jackson, 17, Ava, 12, and River, 10.
It's believed Karl -- who was rumoured to be cooperative in the financial agreements -- and Cass will share joint custody of the kids.
It's also been claimed Karl, who is paid a rumoured $3 million a year, was given $500, 000 worth of assets -- including his Mercedes.

The pair have since sold their family home in Lindfield, Sydney while Cass is living in their $8 million mansion on the water in Cremorne.
"There was always the sense that it would be a big settlement and obviously not in his favour," an insider told the publication, before describing the end result as "tough" on Karl.
"He was quite prepared to walk away with nothing, hand everything over with the one condition that he be able to see his children whenever he wanted," the source added.

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