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Hugh Jackman just blew our minds in this tap dancing video and we can't look away

Innovation at its finest.

By Jess Pullar
There's no denying Hugh Jackman is a seriously talented actor - but even so, he's still managed to surprise us with his latest innovative display of skill.
While promoting his new world tour of The Man. The Music. The Show., Jackman shared a video to his Instagram page that stopped us all in our tracks.
An impressive video of Hugh has caught the attention of the masses. (Image: Getty)
In the candid clip, Hugh is seen tap dancing - which is nothing new from the dazzling actor... until you see how he's doing the complicated activity.
Wearing a quirky innovation going by the name of 'tap boots', the Aussie showman showed off his dancing skills - and when you look closely, you'll notice they're branded by well-known shoe brand R.M.Williams.
Yep, you read that correctly. The boots were created as a special collaboration between himself and the Australian-based company to create a one of a kind prototype.
We're here for it! Watch Hugh model them like a pro in the player below. Story continues...
"I'm test driving these little babies ready for my tour," Hugh says to the camera as he pulls on a pair of the boots.
He's then seen standing up and absolutely nailing a tap dance in a studio - as flawlessly as he would in a Hollywood musical.
With a final flourish, Jackman concludes: "Never thought that would happen in these boots".
Hugh proves he'll stop at nothing to show off his talent. (Image: Instagram)
Jackman's dazzling display was met with delight from fans, with one writing: "This is honestly the best thing ever, from super buff hero to super buff tap dancer."
Another said: "Jackman just needs to become a full on YouTuber."
And there was one other fan of Hugh's that you've probably heard about before... Ryan Reynolds!
The Deadpool actor made a cheeky joke to the actor, asking him in the comments: "Do they make gloves?"
Ryan Reynold's didn't hold back from weighing in on Hugh's quirky video. (Image: Instagram)
Reynold's friendship with Jackman is known to be rock-solid, with the Canadian-American actor previously telling TV WEEK that he's a "very good friend".
"We can take the p* out of each other at the same time as admiring one another," he said.
But it might be a while before the pair can enjoy a friendly catch up as Hugh's tour of The Man. The Music. The Show. gets underway.
"I've been doing a lot of preparation, a lot of dancing in this. My choreographer likes to think I'm 25 years of age," Hugh told TV WEEK.
Performing with fellow co-star Keala Settle from The Greatest Showman, the 50-year-old Aussie will perform 13 shows across Australia, with five in our major cities.
With his latest tap dancing preview, we're guessing this show is going to well and truly live up to its title.