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Nicole Kidman downright refuses to answer a question at film Q&A

She shut it down quick smart.

By Jess Pullar
As an Oscar-winning actress, women's advocate and mother-of-four, there's no denying Nicole Kidman is a force to be reckoned with.
And at a recent Q&A session with the 51-year-old an audience member learnt this the hard way.
Kidman, who is currently promoting her new film Destroyer at the Toronto International Film Festival, reportedly shut down an audience member when they asked her a question about wigs.
Nicole was in Toronto promoting her new film Destroyer.
A movie writer for the Los Angeles Times, Mark Olsen, tweeted about Kidman's response when she was asked to rank the wigs she wore.
According to Olsen, Kidman replied: "That's an awful question. I am shutting that question down."
Nicole's character in the new film is certainly a far-cry from the elegant actress's usual look. In fact, the film's director Karyn Kusama told Vanity Fair her LAPD cop character "wears her ugliness on the outside."
The actress looks completely different in her new film.
The Aussie actress has transformed her look and worn wigs for a number of roles including Lion and Top of the Lake.
And while her answer might seem a little unexpected, Olsen did clarify it was given "lightly but genuinely".
Nicole isn't the only Hollywood actress who expressed some sass in the past week. Jennifer Garner made a humorous stab at New York Fashion Week after not being invited to any events.
Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, she posted a photo of herself wearing a quirky dress not unlike styles seen in the 1900s along with the witty caption: "Thanks, NYC, for another great Fashion Week! My invitations must have been lost on the Pony Express."
Jennifer Garner shared a sarcastic post about her fashion choices after not being invited to New York Fashion Week. Image: Instagram/@jennifer.garner
She ended the post with a cheeky hint: "I will be ready and available next year! #colonialchic #toosexyforthisbonnet #theresalwaysparis🤷🏻♀️"
You tell em, Jen! We're loving seeing some of Hollywood's influential leading ladies tell it like it is.
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