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Mel Doyle’s daughter Natalia dishes on what she’s really like as a mum behind the scenes

''She's more my friend than my mum.''

By Maddison Leach
There's no denying the stunning similarities between Mel Doyle and her mini-me daughter Natalia when they arrive at the Australian Women's Weekly's Women of the Future Awards on Wednesday.
Mel's dressed in black and white, letting her 18-year-old girl shine in a vivid pink frock as they pose for photos arm-in-arm.
"I'm very proud of my young woman of the future and what she will do next. I'm excited for her and for all of us," Mel tells Now To Love.
"I look at the extraordinary young women who are doing amazing things today and I just have so much faith in where the world is going."
Mel Doyle at the event with her daughter. (Jason McCormack)
She's a powerhouse woman herself and has been raising Natalia to be the same, though the mum-of-two admits she tries not to overthink parenting.
"She will do great things… I just let her be herself and I couldn't be more proud," Mel gushes.
"I hope that she has just seen that there is now every opportunity available and she makes the most of it, never wastes a moment and will just be the kind, gorgeous woman that she is."
The connection between the mother and daughter is palpable, Natalia confessing to us that Mel is "more my friend than my mum".
But what is it really like having a prolific Australian television presenter, author and journalist as a mum?
"It's honestly exactly what you'd expect," Natalia confesses while Mel laughs.
"She's a good balance of strict and kind, you've got your rules in place but there's also not so many that she's a controlling, helicopter parent."
The pair share a beautiful bond, though Mel jokes: "We can't really talk about each other when the other one's right here!"
Mel is excited to be raising a woman of the future and says the phrase – and the annual event, held in partnership with La Trobe Financial – means so much to her.
"[It means] excitement, optimism, positivity, enthusiasm, all of those wonderful things," she tells us.
Mel is all about encouraging women – including her own daughter – to embrace the things that make them unique and powerful.
"Sometimes we are so busy looking at others that we forget to look at ourselves and recognise what it is that makes us unique and special," she explains.
Can you believe the similarities? (Instagram)
"To any woman, whether you're young, or my age or older, recognise what makes you unique and special on this earth and own it.
"Grab it with both hands and be really really proud of it."
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