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Duchess Meghan's reaction to trying out a hilarious Instagram filter will make your day

The royal was in her element.

By Jess Pullar
Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry's tour of Africa was filled with colourful moments, but one of the most candid has only just surfaced - and boy is it a sight to behold.
During the couple's last day of their whirlwind tour, Meghan went to a reception which celebrated creatives at the British High Commissioner's residence in Johannesburg.
And it was there that she met talented hair artist Nikiwe Dlova, who, funnily enough, is quite the pro when it comes to Instagram filters.
It is well known that Meghan had a very candid Instagram account before her days as a royal family member - something she had in common with Dlova.
The hair artist is such a pro with Instagram, in fact, that she even has Instagram filters featuring her own headpiece designs.
As fate would have it, Meghan was game to give it a whirl - and the glorious moment was caught on camera.

In the video, Meghan is seen looking slightly confused at first, before seeing herself with the colourful filter in-tact, to which she exclaims with joy.
Her pure and genuine reaction was received with glee from Dlova, who described the moment on her own Instagram account.
"She owned her crown with our Instagram filter we collaborated on with @will.hurt and @maxwellmutanda 😁😁 she loved it!!" The hair artist wrote.
She continued to explain: "When [Meghan] looked away she realised it was the same headpiece I was holding! This is an experience I will never forget!!! Thank you again."
Meghan clearly had a lot of fun during day 10 of her royal tour! (Getty)
As mentioned, the Duchess certainly isn't a stranger to Instagram, having curated her own feed prior to becoming an official member of the royal family.
Her now deleted personal account was filled with candid pics with her dogs, selfies and of course, plenty of food pics.
Definitely something many of us can relate to!
The Duchess has already dabbled in using filters! (Instagram / @meghanmarkle)
These days, Meghan uses Instagram in a professional sense, sharing an official royal account alongside her husband Prince Harry.
The account, SussexRoyal, is used to share information on the various engagements the pair attend, as well as promoting and supporting amazing charity initiatives.
In May, the pair also used it to announce the birth of their first child, baby Archie Harrison.
While it might be a stretch to see a filter or two being used on the royal account, there's no doubt we'll continue to ogle over their colourful updates!

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