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Every style and beauty secret Lisa Wilkinson has ever shared

Literally ever, we found them all.

By Amber Elias
Lisa Wilkinson might be best known as the co-host of the morning TV show Today but she's also made quite a name for herself as a style and beauty icon over the years.
Stepping away from her role as editor of Cleo magazine in the '90s, Lisa took her career in a new direction, hosting Weekend Sunrise before moving on to Today - a decision which saw her on our TV screens every single weekday morning, and had us virtually shopping her wardrobe from our lounge rooms.
In her early 30s, she met and married her husband Peter FitzSimons in 1992, and they now have three beautiful children together. Their daughter Billi, and two sons, Louis and Jake.
Lisa Wilkinson is a smart, successful career woman; she also happens to be someone who knows a thing or two about dressing like a pro, and always looking timeless.

Lisa Wilkinson on fashion and style

Beyond bringing you the latest news stories every morning, Lisa looks flawless every time she goes on air so kudos to her styling team.
From cheap and cheerful ASOS dresses to that infamous shirt (which Lisa had the perfect response to when asked why she wore on the show more than once), Lisa relies on her stylist and personal wardrobe choices to always look chic, polished and most importantly, comfortable.
In 2013, Lisa spoke about the pressure on women in TV during her Andrew Olle lecture.
"When you're a woman doing breakfast TV, you quickly learn the sad truth, that what you wear can sometimes generate a bigger reaction than even any political interview you ever do."
Karl Stefanovic even wore the same suit for a whole year just to prove that women are judged more on what they wear compared to men.
^ The shirt that rocked the nation.
But back to what Lisa would personally pick from her wardrobe...
"I love a pair of jeans, they're an absolute staple, but in recent years I've fallen in love with dresses," Lisa told Yours magazine. "In terms of style I like simplicity."
She also has her limits when it comes to fashion. You'll never see her in shiny fabrics on the red carpet because: "they tend to amplify anything you don't want amplified."
Being a style icon for women everywhere has its perks and, as she tells Yours, "I try and dress for every woman, not a particular age, so the pieces that I choose anyone could wear; and outfits that are approachable, comfortable and not tricky."
"One thing I adore in dresses is when they have pockets, I love somewhere to put my hands," she says, and we completely agree.

Lisa Wilkinson describes her beauty routine and must haves

After witnessing Lisa's amazing Logies 2017 look by makeup artist Joanne Bentley, we're dying to know more about her every day beauty routine.
Starting work at 5:15am is no easy task, but Lisa somehow makes it look effortless, even though we're usually still fast asleep when Lisa is ready to go on air. Joanne is also a Channel 9 makeup artist, so is often seen touching up Lisa backstage at the Today show.
"Lisa's skin is perfect anyway [by using SKII products], so I prime her with MAC Strobe Cream to give her a soft glow before applying foundation," Joanne told news.com.au about her on-air look.

"I always start with a spritz of MAC Charged Water onto everyone's skin before makeup […]. If Lisa is having extended time on air due to breaking news, I sometimes spritz it over her face every few hours to rehydrate tired old makeup that's been on for a while."
And what about Lisa's signature lip colour? It's a Melli Cosmetics Custom Made Lip Gloss in the shade Icon, which (possibly due to Lisa's influence) is now available to anyone who asks.
"She'd drink it if she could," Joanne joked.

Lisa Wilkinson's husband and family

It's no secret Lisa and her husband of nearly 25 years Peter FitzSimons have had their ups and downs, but the resurrection of their marriage was largely due to Peter's health kick where he stopped eating sugar and quit drinking.
"He stopped caring when he had alcohol. He wouldn't care too much what he'd say to me, he'd be careless he might upset me — and it actually takes a lot to upset me," Lisa told the The Australian Women's Weekly.
"He just wasn't the man I married. We were missing out on time spent together, which we love," she revealed.
But their marriage has completely changed for the better now, and Lisa is loving having her old husband back.
"I've got the former Australian rugby union champion in my bed these days," she joked to Nova 100's Chrissie Swan while appearing on her radio show. "He's never delivered before now. He was a Wallaby when I met him, but he very quickly became the guy on the couch with the computer in his lap."
Lisa's children are also growing up before our eyes, with her daughter Billi now quite the look-alike.

Her youngest son Louis might be best known for the on-air prank he pulled on her.
Crossing live to the Today show snow reporter in Thredbo is usually a routine affair for Lisa, but not this particular Monday.
Louis took the reins of the broadcast and surprised his mum live on air...

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