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WOTF 2019: Kerri-Anne Kennerley reveals why she’s so inspired by the next generation of women

“I’m always gobsmacked and so impressed”

By Erin Doyle and Anita Lyons
Kerri-Anne Kennerley has been an inspiration for women for decades thanks to her illustrious career.
But speaking to The Australian Women's Weekly at the 2019 Women Of The Future Awards, the media maven revealed it's the next generation of women who inspiring her.
"I have been to several previous Women of The Future fabulous functions," Kerri-Anne began.
"And I'm always gobsmacked and so impressed at women, especially young women, who have achieved so much, who have so many clever ideas and just do remarkable work."
The 65-year-old TV veteran, who is currently on Network Ten's Studio Ten, is surrounded by a talented and strong cast every single day.
"I work with some wonderful women," she said, before adding: "And I just want to include Joe Hildebrand in that as well because I think he spends so much time with women – we're turning him into one!"
Kerri-Anne on the red carpet at the Women of the Future Awards. (Source: Media Mode)
And Kerri-Anne wasn't the only one to look to the next generation of young inspiring women.
Actress and radio personality, Kate Ritchie, had some advice for young women hoping to emulate her incredible career, Kate said the most important thing was to run your own race.
"My advice, it's very cliche I suppose, but it's to remain true to exactly who you are and never try and run anyone else's race," Kate told The Australian Women's Weekly on the red carpet.
"I always try and do exactly what feels right in here," she said, pointing to her heart. "I've always conducted myself that way."
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The annual awards celebrate successful young women who are pioneers in their respective fields, with our nine finalists vying for over $210,00 in prizes.
Some of the outstanding finalists include women who have invented radiation protection for breast cancer patients, pioneered circular fashion to cut waste and emissions and created socially responsible forums through music.
See all the winners here!

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