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EXCLUSIVE: Kate Ritchie on the one piece of advice she'd give young women

And we think it's far from cheesy!

Radio host and former Home and Away star Kate Ritchie has faced many hurdles over the course of her decades-long career, but the mother-of-one has revealed her one piece of advice to younger women hoping to emulate her success.
The 41-year-old joined an incredible list of acclaimed Australian celebrities at The Australian Women's Weekly's 2019 Women of the Future Awards, held at Bennelong restaurant at the Sydney Opera House on Wednesday afternoon.
When asked about her once piece of advice for young women hoping to emulate her incredible career, Kate said the most important thing was to run your own race.
"My advice, it's very cliche I suppose, but it's to remain true to exactly who you are and never try and run anyone else's race," Kate told The Australian Women's Weekly on the red carpet.
"I always try and do exactly what feels right in here," she said, pointing to her heart. "I've always conducted myself that way."
Kate looked stunning on the red carpet in a navy suit and Chanel handbag. Getty
Kate offered up her advice for young women. Getty
The Nova radio host, who is mother to five-year-old Mae, says that has been the secret to her long career.
"I'm 41 now and I'd like to think I have a lovely sucessful career and I've done it exactly that way, so that would be my only advice," she said.
WATCH BELOW: Kate Ritchie stars in new underwear campaign. Story continues after video.
The annual awards celebrate successful young women who are pioneers in their respective fields, with our nine finalists vying for over $210,00 in prizes.
Some of the outstanding finalists include women who have invented radiation protection for breast cancer patients, pioneered circular fashion to cut waste and emissions and created socially responsible forums through music.

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