Three new presenters join iconic Play School cast

Who was your favourite?

By Anita Lyons
There's a bear in there and some new presenters as well…Sorry, but we had to!
Three brand new presenters have joined a host of your all-time faves on the long-running ABC show, Play School.
Actors Hunter Page-Lochard, Kiruna Stamell and Kaeng Chan are the newest cast-members and bring diversity, happiness and above all fun!
Brand new Play School presenters Hunter Page-Lochard, Kiruna Stamell and Kaeng Chan.
The presenters are already a massive hit with audiences, with Facebook receiving hundreds of comments.
"Awesome to see such diversity," one comment said while another said: "This is fantastic!!! Thank you for being inclusive!"
So who are these new recruits?
Hunter Page-Lochard
Hunter is an actor, most recognised for his roles in The Sapphires and Brand Nu Dae. He grew up on Play School and he touts it as the reason he is creative. He is of Aboriginal and American descent.
Hunter Page-Lochard is of Aboriginal and American descent.
Kiruna Stamell
Kiruna is an actress and dancer, who just happens to be short in stature. She had a role in the hit film Moulin Rouge and performed at the opening of the Sydney Olympics.
On the Play School website, she said: "Everyone is different but we all have many more things about us that are the same. When we get to know each other better, I can't wait to find out what we have between us that is the same."
Kiruna Stamell is a dancer and actress.
Kaeng Chan
Kaeng was a presenter on Playhouse Disney with Play School alum Monica Trapaga. He also played Captain Feathersword in the Taiwanese video Lights, Camera, Action for the Wiggles.
Kaeng Chan was a presenter on Play House Disney alongside Monica Trapaga.
Love Play School as much as we do? Check out a gallery of our all-time favourite and iconic presenters below!
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