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Dame Quentin Bryce announces this year's Women of the Future awards

Dame Quentin Bryce joins our panel of judges for The Australian Women's Weekly and Qantas Women of the Future awards in 2015.

Dame Quentin Bryce, a former Governor-General, has been announced as one of our judges for the Women of the Future 2015.
Dame Quentin joins the panel of six other women who represent the pinnacle of Australian business and leadership, to be announced in the June issue of Women's Weekly.
In the above video, Dame Quentin announces the opening of the 2015 Women of the Future awards, alongside The Weekly’s Editor-in-Chief, Helen McCabe.
The Women of the Future awards, in partnership with Qantas, aim to discover and celebrate young women who are making a difference in their communities. Whether it is building schools in Uganda like [Annabelle Chauncy, School for Life], or providing social and employment opportunities like [Laura O’Reilly, Fighting Chance] or helping to make sanitary pads accessible to women in Kenya like [Susanna Matters, Goods for Girls], The Weekly is looking for women who contribute to this country’s bright future.
If you think you have what it takes, go to wotf.aww.com.au and follow the prompts to enter.

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