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Amanda Keller on the moment when she knew she'd made it in her career

''I remember thinking 'No job has ever felt this good.'''

By Alex Lilly
As one of Australia's most recognisable media personalities, Amanda Keller has had some career highlights.
But speaking at the Australian Women's Weekly's Women of the Future Awards, the Living Room star revealed the moment she realised she'd made it in her career.
Speaking on the panel with Virginia Trioli, Anna Bligh, Dr Kerryn Phelps and Annabel Crabb, Amanda said her first 'pinch me' moment came shortly after graduating uni.
"When I finished university I did a degree of communications at Mitchell College which is now Charles Sturt Uni and I applied for all sorts of jobs and I got a job as a research assistant at Simon Townsend's Wonder World television show," she said.
"I remember thinking 'I'm on my way, no job has ever felt as fabulous as that moment, I just loved it."
Amanda Keller speaks on the panel at the Women of the Future Awards. (Image: Now To Love)
But the other stand-out moment for the WSFM radio host was a little bit different.
"I had another moment when I was standing in a pair of tights and a singlet and being measured in my garage for Madame Tussaud's," she confessed.
"They flew out from London to measure me, they had a bag of eyeballs, a bag of teeth, how they got through customs, I don't know. I remember my mother passed away and I was thinking 'How amazing is this?' and then I went on display next to Rolf Harris!"
We can only imagine how surreal it would feel to be measured for Madame Tussaud's! (Image: Media Mode)
Amanda also spoke about the tough business that is media and entertainment and how she felt for Rove McManus following the cancellation of his show and others who have struggled with a similar problem.
"Rove is not the only person who lost his job through all of that, it's very easy to forget that people are human. I think we are losing that in all aspects with social media."
When the subject turned to facing failure, Amanda herself admitted that, "You just have to roll with the punches and keep going."
WATCH: Saturday Night Rove gets axed. Post continues after video...
It's been a great year for Amanda who along with Grant Denyer became the host of the new and improved Dancing With The Stars on Channel Ten.
"I took on a new challenge with Dancing With The Stars this year and you don't often get new challenges thrust at you when you're 57 and I thought how lucky I am to still be offered new challenges," Amanda confessed.
"I often think in these times of my mum who had to leave school when she was 16 and then when she joined the bank she married my dad she had to leave the bank because you couldn't be married and work in the bank," she added.
"It's only one generation later and I'm professionally more fulfilled now and being given more offers now than I have my whole career and I think for younger women to see that you can still have a career if you want it as you get older and older, I'm just thrilled to be in the position I am."

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