Unplug - Beautiful and calming images to help improve wellbeing

Puzzle your way to Zen with beautiful and calming images for you to colour your way to improved mental and physical wellbeing.

After the wonderful feedback we received from the first issue of unplug we decided to bring out a special issue with mood trackers and gratitude circles to help appreciate the beauty in every day. Of course we've included lots of beautiful and calming images for you to colour to help improve mental and physical wellbeing. There's also a wide selection of puzzles to focus the mind and help reduce the confusing mental clutter that can appear in our lives.
Mood Tracker Write the month on the top of the page and colour each day in a colour that relates to your mood. At the end of the month you'll easily see if there's a pattern to your days.
Gratitude Circles Don't let the good things in life go unnoticed. Write what you're grateful for every day in the numbered segments.
Sudoku, Word Maker, Crossword, Hexagon, Code Cracker, Word Search, Cryptic
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