Here's how you can vote for the 100 Greatest Aussie TV Characters

Don't miss out!

With so many brilliant characters, it can be difficult to narrow it down to the Greatest 100 Australian Television Characters, but that is what we are asking of our TV WEEK readers.
Characters from the 70s to present day, we are asking you to vote for some of your favourite Australian TV Characters.
Is Bluey your favourite character? (Image: Supplied)
Would Daryl Somers' loyal Hey Hey It's Saturday sidekick Ossie Ostrich be on your list? Perhaps a furry friend is more your style? Or a sucker for a good Australian soap?
No matter your genre of choice, TV WEEK has listed characters from all walks of life.

How do you vote for the 100 Greatest Australia Television Characters?

While there is no official panel of TV industry experts, TV WEEK readers are experts in their own right. Simply select your favourite characters from our selection provided, then select 'next' to input your details.
Voting is currently open and will close on November 27.
To vote, click here.
Perhaps your a Kath & Kim fan? (Image: Supplied)

Where can you find the results once voting is over?

Those who have voted, can find the results published in the TV WEEK magazine on December 11. So, don't be a flamin' galah, as Home And Away's Alf Stewart might say, and vote now!

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