2017 Grandparent of the Year voting is now open!

Cast your vote for this year's most deserving grandparent.

By BTYB Australian Seniors Insurance Agency
Thank you for your nominations for the 2017 Grandparent of the Year Awards. Our finalists have been chosen and voting is now open.
Click through the panel below and meet some of the nation's most impressive grandparents. Remember to complete the entire voting form for you chance to win one of our $100 daily online cash prize giveaways.
Now in their second year, the Yours Grandparent of the Year Awards, in partnership with Australian Seniors Insurance Agency, celebrates grandparents in three categories:

Active Gran of the Year

Does she keep up with the kids in the playground? Is she up walking at the crack of dawn and going for a dip in the ocean? Or is she a thrill-seeker with a passion for travel?

Glam Gran of the Year

Do you raid her wardrobe for clothes and take her around the shops? Perhaps she inspires others with her Instagram account – or is the best-dressed lady at Book Club?

Grandparents of the Year

The prizes

The Grandparents of the Year winners will receive:
  • $2,000 each for Active Gran and Glam Gran of the Year;
  • $5,000 for Grandparents of the Year;
  • PLUS, during the voting period, there will be a chance to win $100 daily in our online cash prize giveaway!