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Forget star signs, this personality quiz will tell you where to holiday next

Based on your travel style.

By Amber Manto
There are many ways to decide where you should holiday next – throw a dart at a map, visit a psychic, read your star signs – but a new quiz makes all that seem like nonsense.
In just eight short questions the quiz, brought to the internet by Airbnb, will nut out your personality and travel style then suggest the next destination you should visit and things you should see when you get there. It’s like a holiday matchmaker - the eHarmony of holidays if you will.
For work purposes only, we decided to give it a test run and it sent us to LA - the land of pop culture, so not too far off the mark, although a trip to the UK's royal hotspots may have been slightly more up our alley.
Obviously, it’s just a bit of fun and we wouldn’t rush off to the travel agent or slap down your credit card on an extravagant holiday based on its findings, but it will help you kill a good eight–to-ten minutes on Friday night while you nurse that red wine.
In any case, wherever you decide to go on your next annual leave jaunt, consider these top travel tips...

5 top tips to help you plan your best holiday yet

1. Ask for advice from people who have been there done that. Tips from travellers are far more valuable than any book that may have been printed years ago - from hotel recommendations to things to do when you get there, these tips are gold.
2. Carefully consider when you'll book your flights, as doing this on the right day can save you big. Research by Skyscanner found this really depends on where you're headed, and where you headed from so check out the info chart then jot the date in your diary.
3. Pack like you do it professionally. Army personnel know how to fit a lot into very little and have shared their best packing tips for us all to enjoy. Spoiler: it's all about the socks.
4. Stay healthy and hydrated on board. Celebrity makeup artist Liz Kelsh knows how to stay looking your best with the air pressure is low, and it comes down to packing the right beauty products in your carry-on luggage. So Liz shares exactly which products make the cut for her.
5. Don't let jet lag get you down there are many ways you can beat jet lag that don't involve sleeping for the first couple days of your trip.
Happy travels!