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The scarily accurate things your birth flower says about you

Put this collection to the test!

By Melanie Aman
Even if you're not one to put a lot of faith in horoscopes (I mean, how right can the stars really be?), you may still be intrigued to learn what your birth flower is — and what it reveals about your personality. Not convinced? Don't worry: If these character traits don't ring true for you, you can at least enjoy a little laugh at how wrong they are!
WATCH bloom guru Jeff Leatham (very honestly) matches flowers to women's personality. Article continues after video...

January: Carnations

Your creative nature comes in handy whenever you're problem-solving. You're ambitious and always ready to take on a new adventure. Carnations symbolise your passion and distinction.

February: Violets

If you're a February baby, your friends consider you reliable and trustworthy. The purple blooms of violets reflect your loyalty and allegiance. Chances are, your friends come to you when they have a secret to reveal.

March: Daffodil

These bright blooms represent your inner generosity and affection. As Elvis would say, you're "a hunk of burning love."

April: Sweet Pea

Handling change with grace is a hallmark of your personality. You're the master of regeneration and reinvention, and your birth blooms signify your ability to embrace change.

May: Lily of the valley

There's nothing pretentious about you, girl! You're a down-to-earth person whose grounded nature makes you the person everyone wants to be friends with. Lilies reflect your sweet and modest personality.

June: Rose

June babies get lucky — a lot! You're not afraid to flaunt it, but deep down, you have a kind and gracious soul.

July: Water lily

"Simple is best" is your life motto. Your majestic presence and purity give off a silent sense of class.

August: Poppy

You live — and dream — large. These rainbow-hued flowers symbolise your powerful imagination and ability to appreciate life's pleasures (like chocolate!).

September: Morning glory

September babies let it all hang out. You don't hide your feelings; you wear your heart on your sleeve. Your blossoms represent your desire to dole out praise.

October: Cosmos

You're a lover, not a fighter. Steadfast pacifism aligns with the calm, peace, and serenity of your flowers.

November: Chrysanthemum

The hardy nature of chrysanthemums is a sign of your longevity. You have boundless energy (and we're jealous!) and a real zest for life. Can we be your friend?

December: Holly

The quintessential Christmas flower, these berries represent your family-first nature. The red fruit is a universal sign of harmony at home.
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