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Watch this woman fit over 200 items one suitcase


By Holly Royce
"This is an entire wardrobe I'm going to be packing into a suitcase," begins Bond Girl and actress, Rachel Grant in this now viral travel hack packing video.
I know what you're thinking, HOW? This is witchcraft.
The video from luggage company Biaggi shows Rachel using rubber bands, ziplock bags and packing cubes to squeeze in 200 items.

See all the witchcraft in action!

Shake it for extra space!

While the rubber bands, packing cubes and ziplock bags are great, Biaggi says this is the fastest and most effective space-creating tip from the bunch.
"Once you have successfully packed your suitcase, stand it up on its wheels and give it a good shaking up and down (the more the better) making sure to hit the ground with each shake," they explain on the website.
"This technique gently pushes down all your packed items allowing them to settle deeper into your bag. Then, while still standing, open the top of your suitcase and you’ll be surprised at the few inches of empty space you have created at the top. This extra space is perfect for your last minute items or for things you may need to access easily on your journey (e.g. shawl, charging device, headphones.)."
"Alternatively, simply leave this extra space available for souvenirs you pick up on your trip."