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Travel Guides' Matt and Monni on their summer of love

Travel Guides’ Matt and Monni reveal they were lovers before they were friends.

It was love at first sight when Matt first clapped eyes on his Travel Guides companion Monni on the Gold Coast.
He was having an after-work drink when he saw the girl he described as “this beautiful chick strutting down the street with an all-time smile on her face”.
“A few cocktails had thrown my confidence through the roof so I was like, ‘Hey, want a cocktail?’” Matt, 23, recalls.
“And she was like, ‘It’s my birthday, of course I want to have a cocktail!’ So she sat down and the next thing it was like three hours of word vomit, she ended up being late to her own birthday party.”
With the pair both in town over the summer, they embarked on whirlwind romance which ended when the season was over.
“Monni and I don’t like to do anything normal,” Matt chuckles. “So we did the dating first and then built the friendship. As Monni puts it, we got all that out of the way first.”
Currently single, both say their nomadic lifestyles make it difficult to find long-lasting romance.
However, they’re not tempted to make their relationship anything but a platonic one.
“Love transformed into this beautiful friendship,” Monni, 24, says.
“I still love him to bits and pieces, it’s just a different way. Matty and I can just sleep next to each other and power out. I’m travelling with my best friend.”

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