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Travel agent writes an open letter to holidaymakers who book online

She does make a good point.

By Amber Manto
In the last decade it’s fair to say more and more of us have taken from heading into a travel agent to book our holidays, to doing it ourselves online. However what has become a convenience for those of us with constant wanderlust, has seen resulted in the demise of the travel booking industry.
One NSW agent, Sarah Fenton who works for Helloworld, had had enough and so took to Facebook to highlight the benefits of booking through an agent, and prove what she does is worthwhile. It was a rather lengthy post, as most passionate rants are, and she made a number of valid points.

Point 1: Sometimes travel agents get deals *before* they go online

“Online is not always the best price...and rarely the best value. Wendy Wu is an Asia Travel Specialist and as a Travel Agent they have given me (and other agents) exclusive access to 2018 Earlybird deals BEFORE they go on sale to the general public. Bigger savings, smaller deposits, and all because you booked with a professional travel agent.”

Point 2: You miss out on the customer service experience, which can result in a better holiday

“A professional travel agent can guide you through a choice of airfares (including seat selection and menu choices) to match your tour choice and assist with passport advice, visas, foreign currency, stopover options, airport transfer advice, travel insurance options, pre-tour hotel selection, how to avoid jet lag and which airlines have the best entertainment options for your children and the best legroom for you… shall I continue with all the things the internet does not offer personal advice on?”

Point 3: An agent is a professional, so why try do a professional’s job?

“You pay an agent to do your tax, you recruit an agent to sell your house. You use people who are specialists to fix your plumbing, service your car... all of these specialists in their fields work to protect the time and money that you are investing in your chosen activity or possessions. Why would you not use a professional to guide your investment in your holiday? Benefit from their experience? Have your own personal back up to assist in the times when plans go unexpectedly pear-shaped (airline strikes, volcanic ash eruptions, hotel double bookings leaving you stranded, serious illness) - we can fix most things for you and assist in these situations. We have contacts. We work for you.”