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This is the most wished-for Airbnb listing in the world

The secluded tree house in Atlanta is the most "wished-for" listing in the world, and we can see why!

By Holly Royce
Get ready for some serious property porn!
Remember when we thought we'd found the best tree house in the world?
There's a new number one in town
Located in Atlanta, Georgia, this magical tree house would not be out of place in some kind of Lord of The Rings fantasy dream.
Unsurprisingly the place has had over 150885 people adding it to their wish list and over 300,000 site visits per month, making it Airbnb's most wished-for listing world wide.
Picture: Airbnb
A stay in the tree house will set you back $489 AUD per night.
For that pittance, you'll get one magical bedroom, one bathroom, countless breathtaking views and memories to last a life time. Sure, that sounds cliche but look at this place and tell me it's not true.
Picture: Airbnb
The site consists of three exquisitely furnished rooms set amongst the trees and is only a short distance from the civilisation of "intown Atlanta", though it would be doubtful you'd want to leave your intimate retreat.
The bed is on wheels and can be rolled out on a platform overlooking the stream below. Yes, seriously.
Who are the owners of this magical forest haven ?
That would be husband and wife duo Katie and Peter.
Picture: Airbnb
Katie works in the wine industry and Peter is an environmental activist and 3D photographer, who originally built the tree house to be a city escape for the couple.
Katie says they turned their property into a vacation home to share the love and serenity they'd managed to foster there with the world.
"We hoped to create a setting that was both secluded and quiet but also warm and welcoming. Many of our favourite times have happened there--from parties with friends to quiet afternoons reading the paper."
"Through Airbnb, we want to share our hideaway with other travellers who seek to add something unique to their trip and hope that they leave feeling like it was something genuinely special!"