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Sophie Monk escapes to Thailand during intruder week

The bombshell blonde is giving us all the signs that this is the week she meets "The One".

By Chloe Lal
Fleeing to another country to avoid giving away any signs to how you really feel is quite telling...
Doing it on the week you meet The Bachelorette 2017's four new intruders, including this year's tipped winner Stu Laundy, is sounding off some major [wedding-themed] bells!
Sophie Monk has left the nation in the bid to lay low in Thailand.
Joining her on the tropical vacation is her best friend Oscar Gordon.
The actress is joined by her bestie, former 2dayFm producer Oscar Gordon.
Sophie looks very pleased to be on holiday.

There had been speculation that Soph would be going to Mexico, but the 37-year-old changed tact at the last minute and seems pretty pleased with her new choice.
In fact, the TV beauty has already made some new friends.
Taking to Instagram, she penned, "Coolest place ever," alongside a video of herself dressed in a bathrobe, dancing with the hotel staff.
The talented singer admitted to Nova's 100's Chrissie, Sam and Browny, she needed to escape, otherwise she'd let slip who takes out the show.
"I break all the rules. I can't do rules."
"I will definitely try to see him and mess it all up for everyone. So I have to remove myself."
Adding, "I know I've got no will power, and so that I don't weaken, I'm going overseas."Check Sophie dance it out in the video below!
This week, the nation will finally meet the show's rumoured front-runner Stu Laundy.
This is a huge week for The Bachelorette, which will see four intruders - all "much older" than the current boys - enter the mansion.
Fans will finally get to see Sophie meet this year's alleged winner, 44-year-old Stu Laundy.
The other men includes a father of five (who's also a grandad) and a man who looks like James Bond!
In a promo released by Channel Ten, Sophie confesses, "I think some of the younger guys, they're not ready to settle down."
This week two intruders will enter... And four men will leave.
Hitting their network's quota for glam entrances, the men descent mayhem onto the show - by arriving via helicopter.
In the same promo, it appears finding love has taken its toll on Soph, who is seen crying outside the rose ceremony as Osher comforts her.
Drama will be the theme for the week, with four guys set to be sent home.