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Small flat hacks, because who actually has space these days?

Tiny home, no problem! These hacks will have you sorted.

By Grace Allen
I don't know anyone (at least, not anyone who lives in the city) who isn't living in a teeny tiny flat. So accustomed am I to living in a small space that I don't know how I'd begin to decorate an average-sized house. My belongings (which clutter my current home) would probably occupy one corner of one room of a house.
In this day and age, we should be experts on decorating small homes.
The trick is to make small and cramped feel cosy and cute. Using every last inch of your flat to maximise storage opportunities is also key; that gap under the bed? Shove a few drawers under there, for belts/pajamas/scarves and swimming costumes. That bathroom door that's not fulfilling its potential? Hang a few baskets on the back of it to store ugly shower products. Once you open your eyes to the possibilities, you'll see that dinky flat in a whole new light.
Here are some ideas to get you started:

Get a ladder

Ladder shelving is a great solution for small bathrooms. There's so much potential for storage - stash towels at the bottom and fill little baskets with everything else that you want out of sight.

Laundry solution

One of the really pesky things about small flats is that there's never room to dry clothes - airers take up so much space and don't look great in the middle of you're living/dining area. An extending and collapsible airer that you can attach to the wall is a smart solution to a time old problem.

More than a seat

Ah the window seat. There's something really charming and nostalgic about a window seat (the idea of thoughtfully flicking through a good book with a cup of tea springs to mind). But even better is a window seat with added storage, to accommodate those books/balls of knitting yarn/whatever else takes your fancy.

Table talk

If you're really struggling for space, it might be worth taking things to the next storage level with a thrice functioning piece of furniture. This wall unit extends into a dining table or work surface, depending on your needs. The 'legs' support a panel of pouches which are useful for stashing general kitchen clutter.

Float on

Who really needs a bedside table? I mean, they take up a lot of space and don't store all that much. Instead, try floating shelves, which easily provide enough room to hold a glass of water, pair of glasses and a book. Plus, they're cheaper than bedside tables.

Hide those shoes

Shoe storage is a minefield. A big ugly plastic storage box, as I've discovered, isn't the best solution, especially when you're late for work and trying to wrench out a sandal from beneath three pairs of men's boots. If you have any hallway space, think about investing in one of Ikea's smart shoe holders, which will save you precious time getting ready in the morning.
This post was originally published on the Debrief.