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The 10 most punctual airlines around the world in 2018

More precision than a Swiss watch.

By Amber Manto and Holly Royce
You often hear of travel disaster stories: delayed planes, less-than-edible in-flight meals and just all-round bad service. However today is not going to be that day, instead we will acknowledge and celebrate those airlines that actually do what they set out to achieve: take us far-flung places, and do so in the time it promised.
A study by travel analyst OAG looked at 57 million flight records from 2017, and nutted out which carriers had the most flights arrive on time during this period. To earn a top spot flights must arrive or depart within 14 minutes and 59 seconds of their scheduled times
"As the marketplace becomes more saturated, the winners in the air travel race will be companies that deliver on their promises on the ground, in-cabin and post-flight," AirHelp CEO and co-founder Henrik Zillmer told Business Insider.
The global winners were as follows:
10. Aer Lingus an Irish carrier.
9. Skymark Airlines a Japanese carrier.
8. Jetstar Asia
7. Vueling Airlines a European carrier.
6.Japan Airlines
5. Qantas Airways
4. Copa Airways a Panama-based carrier.
3. Hawaiian Airlines
2. Hong Kong Airlines
1. airBaltic
This was the first time the Latvian flag carrying airBaltic airline has taken out the title. The airline flies to 68 destinations in Europe, the US and the Middle East.

And the most punctual airport is...

For the third year in a row, the most punctual airport in the world is Tokyo Haneda in Japan, great news for anyone headed to or through Japan this year.
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