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How cold is Oymyakon? The world's coldest village is so frigid a thermometer just burst


Russia is home to one of the world's coldest villages — Oymyakon, located in the Russian region of Yakutia.
But even the coldest of places is having a hard time handling the dropping temperatures.
This year, Oymyakon's temperatures reached a near record-low at -60 degrees Celsius, causing the town's digital thermometer —which was installed to entertain tourists — to break!

The last time Oymyakon was this cold was in 1933, when Oymakon reached -90 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the Guinness World Records. Then in 2013, NASA announced a record-breaking temperature of -138.8 degrees Fahrenheit, based on data obtained via satellite.
Village natives, however, seem to be unfazed by the cold weather and have been posting delightful photos of the winter wonderland that Russia has become.

Anastasia Gruzdeva, a 24-year-old woman from Yakutsk, posted a slew of magical photos on Instagram, including the photo above that depicts Gruzdeva with a frozen set of eyelashes.

Other professional snappers, such as Russian photographer Petr Chugunov, also saw the extreme winter weather as an opportunity rather than a burden. Chugunov captured a beautiful shot of a ballerina gracefully reaching out towards the frosted tree limbs. Stunning!

"I really did take pictures of the ballerina outside in minus 41. It is not Photoshopped," Chugunov told The Siberian Times. "It was my idea, actually it is my project, to photograph ballerinas on the city streets."
What a great way to turn seemingly miserable weather into a wonderful adventure!
This story was originally published on Woman's World.