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Nikki Gogan fuels rumours she’s joining Bachelor in Paradise

Her response is pretty much all the confirmation we need!

By NW team
Packed with shirtless hunk, beauties in bikinis and no doubt free flowing cocktails, Bachelor in Paradise is the spin-off show that we can’t wait to binge.
Earlier this week Channel Ten FINALLY confirmed that the US Bachelor and Bachelorette spin-off is coming Down Under.
Of course the question on everyone’s lips is which of our fave Bachie sweethearts and villains are returning.
While it’s previously been reported that the likes of Blake Garvey, Jake Ellis and Keira Maguire have been contacted, Channel Ten are remaining tight-lipped on the cast.
Australia was heartbroken when Richie dumped Nikki.
However the rumour mill is now buzzing that fan fave Nikki Gogan is definitely returning.
The Perth-based real estate agent – and the rest of Australia – was left heartbroken after she was dumped by Richie Strahan last year.
But, it turns out that Nikki is ready for a second chance at love.
Yep, sources revealed to The Daily Telegraphs Confidential that she flew to Sydney to meet up with the production team.
And, she refused to discuss the rumours surrounding her return. “I am not going to comment,” she said.
Hmm, sorry Nikki, but everyone knows that "no comment" really means yes!
Things could shape up to be pretty interesting if ex Richie Strahan, who broke up with Alex Nation earlier this year, also lands a spot on the cast. But so far, Richie is yet to comment.
Will Laurina be joining Nikki on Bachelor in Paradise?
Meanwhile, Osher Gunsberg – who will be returning to host of Bachelor in Paradise- may have dropped a hint that none other than Laurina Fleure will also be making a comeback.
One Bachie fan suggested on Instagram that they would love to see the villain from Blake Garvey’s season return.
"True God dirty street pie better be back," they wrote. And, Osher couldn’t agree more. "Wouldn’t that be wonderful," he replied.
Fingers crossed there aren’t any pies in paradise!

What's more, Nikki has made a recent return to TV.
In fact, she made an appearance during an episode of Sophie Monk’s season of The Bachelorette and no one even noticed.
During the commercial break Nikki appeared as the star of the Dailies Contact Lenses ad.
Nikki, has previously said that she was focusing on her real estate career in Freemantle, WA.
"I thought long and hard about my aims and I know how much I love my real estate career. It’s the path I’ll be most proud of." But, if this ad is anything to go by it seems that Nikki is ready to step back into the limelight.
Next stop, paradise!

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