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This company will pay you to book flights for other people

And you can do it from your couch.

By Bettina Tyrrell
From driving an Uber to picking up the odd job on Airtasker, the internet has provided us with so many new ways to make some extra money on the side.
But if you’d prefer to earn from your couch rather than your car, and you have an eagle-eye for an airfare sale, this new website will actually pay you to book flights for other people.

How does it work?

Farefetch allows sale-savvy people to make money by snagging other travellers the best flight deals available, then pocketing the difference. It’s one of those win-win situations, where the person wanting the flight doesn’t have to spend hours trawling the internet for the best flight deal around. All they have to do is enter their travel request into Farefetch: departure date and return date, airports, number of passengers and the maximum price their willing to pay for the flight.
The request then zips off to the "farefetchers" who commence their hunt (within 24 hours) for a flight that matches all of the traveller’s requirements. The first farefetcher to submit their found airfare nabs the sale. And if the airfare costs less than the price indicated by the traveller, the farefetcher takes home to difference. Cha-ching!
But, fetchers beware; fetching can be very competitive and you must act fast! Farefetchers can either book the flight themselves and be paid within 48 hours or share booking instructions and receive payment within one week.

What's the catch?

While this all sounds peachy, there are some T&C’s that farefetches and travellers should be aware of.
Travellers cannot change or cancel flights through the service. Some airfares (especially sales fares) have clauses stating that the traveller cannot alter their flight date or receive a refund in the case of a cancelled flight, so the traveller may have fewer options here. Also, there’s a chance that the ticket will not include checked bags, meal service, or in-flight entertainment.
Whether you’re looking for a little extra spending (or travel) money, or you'd rather spend your time watching Netflix instead of scrolling airline websites, this one could be just for you.