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Lisa Hyde ditched Luke Mcleod and went to live it up in London and Paris like a queen

Sadly, a quick visit to the Royals wasn't on the cards.

By Holly Royce
Bachelor in Paradise's Lisa Hyde ditched her BIP boyfriend, Luke McLeod, after reports that he cheated on the reality star and business woman with a 19-year-old during a boys night.
Lisa spoke exclusively with Now to Love about her experience in Paradise, leaving and dating Luke on the outside.
"You've just got to be proud of yourself, and you learn and grow from everything," the 31-year-old explained.
She confirmed that you could definitely find love through reality TV (though wouldn't reveal who she was alluding to - hello, Sam and Tara?), though she was unlucky and met "a douchebag" during both her Bachie and BIP adventures.
"Luke and I had something special, but there was a mistake. There comes a time when you have to stand up for yourself and say - 'you know what? No!'," she said of the couples very public breakup.
So what do you do when you're one of the nation's most recognisable faces in the midst of a breakup no one is supposed to know about?
Head to Europe of course!

Choosing to forego any clip shots of her time in Paradise, Lisa's feed instead was filled with images of her living it up like an absolute queen in London and Paris - and we could not be more supportive of this decision!
While there was definitely time for fun, Lisa actually went to London for work. While in Paradise she received a business opportunity to sell her eye-wear brand, Shevoke in a London department store.
Clad in all black, Lisa first shared a picture of herself standing inside an iconic red telephone booth on a London Street, captioning the shot: "Yep officially the biggest tourist in London."

"Exploring London makes me happy, I don't know why it's taken me this long visit. It's going to be hard to leave," she captioned a shot of the London Eye captured from Westminster bridge.
Another tourist MUST when visiting the UK.

Leaving London behind, Lisa then jetted over to Paris where she enjoyed staying the Paris Ritz, more sight seeing (Eiffel tower) and hiding in the snow in the Ritz's beautiful tea room.

We don't blame her for struggling to come back to reality.
The final post in her journey featured the brunette in a red jacket and pink sunglasses admiring London's burgeoning spring blossoms in Parsons Green.
"My last day in London I finally got to see flowers bloom, the last few weeks I've been looking a scary trees with no leaves!!! Bye for now but not forever."
Keep doing you, queen, we salute you!