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Kate Hudson and her new man holiday it up in Cambodia for his birthday

The romance is real.

By Amber Manto
It’s been only a month since Kate Hudson made it official with her musician boyfriend Danny Fujikawa by walking the red carpet at the Snatched premiere (the movie which stars her mum Goldie Hawn), but already the couple is on the sort of holiday where proposals happen.
Okay perhaps not, but they are enjoying the most colourful adventure through diverse Cambodia after touching down there a week ago.
If her Instagram feed is anything to go by, Kate has fallen in love with the country, just as fellow Hollywood pals Angelina Jolie and David Beckham have on their trips to the Southeast Asia.
Highlights have included wandering around the markets with local guide Vy, learning about his country.

“Vy has taken us on the most insightful adventures and has shared with us in depth the tumultuous history of this country," Kate wrote on her Instagram. "He speaks of his personal hardships and those of his people, he shares stories of his starvation in his youth and the on-going struggles of extreme poverty here. He says that the great hope for him as a guide is to share with the world how beautiful and special it is here. And boy is it beautiful! The culture, the landscape and mostly the people!”

^ Far cry from Rodeo Drive.
The couple then took a moment to zen out together in the jungle, Kate looking quite the part in a head scarf.

"Taking rest from the rain in the jungle with @swimswammyslippyslappy and Vy!" she captioned the pic, before sharing another snap of herself donning a World Food Programme vest.

Kate and Danny then delighted us all by taking cute photos of each other.

Before ending their trip with a traditional celebration to mark Danny's birthday.

Amazing. If this is the sort of holiday these two like to go on now, just imagine how adventurous their honeymoon will be?!