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You beaute: the worst airline in the world is proudly Australian

What an honour.

By Amber Manto
The competition was fierce with a whopping 73 airline carriers in the running but Jetstar has smashed the competition to officially take out the wooden spoon as the worst airline in the entire world. Lengthy delays, slow boarding, rude on-board staff and poor-quality meals all contributed to it earning this title.
The international study by consumer group Choice surveyed 11,000 passengers from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain and had them list their biggest gripes, with Jetsar fairly winning this people’s choice award.
“What you’re looking at is customer satisfaction, so this is people who have flown Jetstar and are rating it on a series of things like check-in, on board staff, meals, feeling safe, cleanliness, among others,” Choice spokesman Tom Godfrey told 9news.
"The numbers speak for themselves. What Jetstar should be doing is understanding why people feel this way. A pretty good start might be trying to improve on-time performance.”
However this is one title Jetstar is not thrilled to accept, even throwing Tiger Airways under the bus stating they possibly would have taken out this dodgy title had they been included in the survey.

”Choice seem to enjoy criticising airlines without understanding the safety standards we operate to or recognising the role of low cost carriers in making travel more affordable for millions of Australians,” Jetstar said in a statement.
“Weather is often the source of delays, particularly in the more tropical destinations we operate to, and we’ll always put safety before schedule."
“We know how important it is to get customers to their destination on time, and we recognise there is room for improvement.”
On a more positive note, Qantas was the highest ranked Australian airline while Virgin followed closely behind.
Emirates took out big win though, and can proudly tout itself as the best airline in the world.