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Here's how you can get paid $500 to play with puppies

Sydney Cats and Dogs home is looking for someone to cuddle cats and dogs - and get paid for it!

By Holly Royce
Chocolate taster, getting paid to travel the world, puppy baby sitter ... these are jobs that you thought only existed in your dreams.
But for one day in September, one of these dream jobs will become a reality for one very lucky puppy enthusiast, and they'll pocket a rather ample pay check for the task.
Sydney Dogs and Cats Home is hiring someone for $500 to play with puppies and kitties all day.
Meet Taco, he has excellent hugging skills.
The shelter has teamed up with Airtasker (a task outsourcing website), to promote the fantasy role.
The advert reads:
"Are you that friend that everyone tags in cute dog memes on Facebook?
"Would you rather go on a doggy date than a Tinder date?
"Do you follow more dogs on Instagram than family members?
"If you said yes to all the above, then you could be perfect for this task."
Look at the little face...
The exciting task is to be completed on the 25th of September and applications must be in by the 17th of September.
We would say tell your friends about this one, but obviously you're going to want to keep it for yourself.
Over 700 people have already replied to the ad so you'd better be quick.
You can apply on the Airtasker website.