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School changes term times so parents can book cheaper holidays

This UK school is the first to shorten term times so parents can take advantage of cheaper holidays in the off-peak periods.

By Holly Royce
In a genius move, Severn Vale School in Quedgeley, Gloucestershire has taken the innovative approach to making sure pupils aren't missing more school than necessary.
They have shortened their July/August term break by one week, taking it from six weeks to five weeks. This means their October break will be two weeks instead of just one.
Who cares if these kids are getting five weeks, six weeks or no week holidays?
I'll tell you who cares, the parents of those children who can now book much cheaper holidays in the October break.
During Summer all holiday related prices are through the roof in the UK, and it's much more affordable for parents to book holidays during that off-peak October period.
These changes mean parents can make the most of those sweet deals without having to take their children out of class.
Head Teacher of Severn Vale School in Quedgeley, Richard Johnson, explained in a press statement that the school understands the pressures on families and the relief a holiday can provide.
"The issue of holidays is a very vexed one for parents, and we’re aware of the considerable frustration about the expense of holidays. The two-week break in October offers another opportunity to get away.
“The change also reduces the amount of time that working parents have to provide child care during the summer. I totally understand that holidays can be considerably cheaper in term time and that makes a real difference for families.
“But term-time holidays are a general issue. Taking children out of school clearly, does have a detrimental effect on the consistency of their learning.”
The changes follow news that other schools in the UK have started to issue fines for parents of children who are late to or miss school.
The Sunday Times reported that the County Council of Warwickshire in the UK would penalise parents with fines of up to £60 (over $100 AUD) if children are 30 minutes after roll call has been taken.
The fines start at just £60, then jump to a whopping £120 if not paid in the first three weeks.
All changes are in a bid to increase attendance, and both are being met with mixed responses from officials and parents alike.