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5 celebrity travel tips that will change the way you holiday

Including a ripper one from Lionel Richie.

By Amber Manto
Everyone knows packing for a holiday is no holiday. You have to decide what you’ll need, what you want to take and ultimately what to cull so you can fit it all into your suitcase.
There are only a few types of people who can do this successfully. Army personnel, frequent flyers and… celebrities. Touring the world means they’ve perfected the art of travelling - everything from packing, to what beauty essentials to bring on board, and how to overcome jetlag - fast.

Tip 1: Lionel Richie on defensive packing

He’s toured with countless albums so no doubt has experienced the ups and downs of life on the road, including lost luggage. However, his trick for this is to be on the defence and assume and airline is going to do this.
“Pack your outfits in separate bags so if one bag doesn’t show up, you’re still ready to go,” he told The Telegraph.
Hello... this is genius.

^ No doubt imparting his wise travel knowledge on Nicole.

TIP 2: Eva Longoria on in-cabin essentials

Deciding what will go in your checked baggage and what you'll be taking on board is yet another tough decision you have to make when travelling. Eva wisely knows it's about being comfortable, and that means bringing those creature comforts.
“I must have my trusty soft faux pillow when I travel,” she says. “It was made by Brookstone, but was discontinued years ago. It’s the best travel pillow ever!”
In fact, she loved this pillow so much she even gave it a little shout out on Twitter.
No word on whether Brookstone decided to restock said pillow but you can easily pick up a similar one - one that's no too big, and not too small.
Her other travel essential? Good socks. “I get so cold on planes, so I bring some comfy, big socks that keep my feet warm and also act as a barrier to all the disgusting things on the floor.”
Good call, and bound to be better than free ones some airlines provide you with.

Tip 3: Gwyneth Paltrow on not catching the plague on board

Being stuck in a cabin with a group of strangers all breathing in the same recycled air doesn’t bode well for your immune system.
"They say Vitamin C in high doses wards off viruses and strengthens immunity, so once I get to my seat, I take four or five of these [Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C] bad boys," she shared on her website, Goop.
She also likes to ensure the area around her is as germ-free as possible, because who knows when the cabin crew last cleaned?
"They say that active silver keeps germs at bay so I spray this [Higher Nature’s High Stability Active Silver] in the air around me when I sit down. It’s worth the few odd looks."

Tip 4: Jennifer Aniston on beating jet lag

One of the worst parts of flying has to be touching down and your body clock being out of whack. For this, Jen swears by not sleeping, but rather doing the exact opposite.“When you land after a long, long flight, go hit the gym and do a 30-minute run. It has worked for me — when I’ve actually had the energy to go and do it!"
We're yet to test out this theory though, but we'll let you know if we do...

Tip 5: Kate Hudson on not blowing out while away

Last thing you want to do when you're on holiday is spend hours in the hotel gym burning off that cheat food, but you also don't want to fall off the wagon completely as it's so damn hard to get back on again when you return. Take a page out of Kate's book and at least try to stick to your regular routine, by bringing equipment that will help you do a few moves in the comfort of your hotel room.
"I travel often, and while it can be easy to neglect my workout when I’m away from home, I find that sticking with my fitness routine helps me to feel my best and keep the momentum going once I’m back," Kate told Vogue Australia. "Fitness DVDs can also be a great resource when on the road — I’m always sure to pack mine."