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SOS ALERT issued with Bali Volcano Mount Agung hours away from major eruption

After months of tremors Mount Agung in Bali has started to erupt.

By Holly Royce
Travelers are being warned to stay alert but not to be alarmed following confirmation from the Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Centre that Bali's Mount Agung has finally started to erupt.
Jetstar, Qantas and Air Asia have cancelled flights to the area over the weekend amid highest-level aviation warnings and Bali's airport is closed until further notice, with thousands of tourists left trapped on the Island.
Travelers are being urged to check their flight on their airlines the flight status page.
A Government volcanologist Gede Suantika has warned that the following the eruption, the lava flow from the Volcano will be extensive and travelers should stay well away from the danger zone.
There are major concerns over similarities between Mount Agung's current behavior and the volcano's 1963 eruption which killed 1,600 people.
Previously, experts have said the level of seismic activity occurring at Mount Agung had reached a record high, leading to extreme precautionary measures being taken by the Island's governor and a state of natural disaster was called.
Evacuees in makeshift shelters.
Following protocol, after the issue of a state of natural disaster authorities on the island must make it a priority to create shelter for the thousands of evacuees.
However, since then the volcano threat has been downgraded and Bali's International Airport remains open until further notice.
Mount Agung, known for its beauty and being the highest point in Bali, has been worrying officials since August.
The danger levels around the volcano will be subject to ongoing change as it continues to erupt.
Jetstar and Qantas are closely monitoring volcanic activity around Mount Agung and at this time flights are cancelled and subject to short notice cancellation.
Thousands of evacuees seek shelter.

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