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Amazing meals for less than $2

This UK chef is taking Instagram by storm with his one pound meals.

By Holly Royce
Cooking on a tight budget can often leave you feeling uninspired.
Imagine cooking a meal like Lamb Kofte with flatbread, tomato salad and rice for less than two bucks.
Or what about whipping up a tasty and healthy Chicken Tikka Masala for less than the price of a cup of coffee?
Sounds crazy but that's exactly what UK chef, Miguel Barclay is doing with his One Pound Meals series and taking Instagram by storm in the process.

For just £1 or $1.70 (AUD), you can learn to cook meals like savoury ham & cheese crepes or chicken thigh with a Spanish stew.
Dreamt up and created Miguel in his Camden kitchen, he hopes the recipes will give people the confidence and motivation to change the way they cook for ever.
All the recipes are available in his books, it's his work on Instagram that has people excited.
While the ingredients and recipes are UK focused, it's easy to do a quick Google search and find comparable prices and products and for your local supermarkets.
The Chef also does regular Instagram lives where you can follow along, cooking each delicious recipe at home.

Lamb Kofte with flatbread, tomato salad and rice by One Pound Meals

  • 100g mince lamb = 67p
  • 1/4 onion = 2p
  • 1 tsp (5g) cumin = 6p
  • 1 clove garlic = 3p
  • 40g flour = 2p
  • 25g water = free
  • 50g Rice = 2p
  • 1 Tomato = 10p
  • 1 spring onion = 6p
The innovative chef shares loads of tips for free online, like this one for a quick and cheap cheese sauce:
"Here's a super quick sauce for you, just a small handful of feta and a splash of water! That's all! Then mix until smooth! Serve on a bed of lentils."

Sardine Rigatoni by One Pound Meals

...a really simple store cupboard dish
  • tinned sardines
  • olives from a jar
  • tinned chopped tomatoes
  • dried pasta
  • salt
  • loads of pepper
  • olive oil

95p Goats Cheese Wellington - hit play below