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This is what your age reveals about your travel habits

Can knowing the travel habits of your age range really help dictate your travel plans?

By Holly Royce
As the old saying goes, you're only as old (or young) as you feel and it turns out how old you 'feel' is also an indicator of your travel habits .
New research from travel website, Expedia has revealed that your age gives a pretty good indication of what way and how often you're inclined to travel.
While some findings reflected similarities across the board (flying was by far the most popular mode of transport), there were many more significant points of difference, including the importance of budget and the likelihood to explore outside their home country.
Take a look below and see if you think these travel experts got it right.

Gen Z (18-23-year-olds)

Gen Z is the generation most likely to try something new when travelling and to look for 'off the beaten path' destinations. The 18-23-year-olds want tips from locals and truly embrace the bucket list or carpe diem mentality.
This age group tends to travel for a combined total of one month per year, though budget restrictions control a lot of trip planning. They are also the generation most likely to travel internationally.

Millennials (24-35-year-olds)

The smashed avo and man bun generation. Interestingly, Millennials were the most likely to report their travel habits were influenced by advertising, the smarter and more visually appealing, the better.
Millennials are out there travelling to explore and see the sites and relax, rather than visit family or friends. They also take more trips than any other generation per year. Maybe that's the real reason we can't afford housing?

Gen X (36-55-year-olds)

Gen Xers are a fastidious group, who though travel less are also most likely to spend more on hotels and accommodation. Their number one priority is to unwind or go on relaxing sight-seeing vacations.
90 per cent of this age range relies on traveller reviews and deal searching to decide on where to go. When booking a trip, they tend to go with a brand who provide the most information on a potential location. They are also a huge fan of the classic road trip.

Boomers (55+)

Boomers are the least likely generation to be bound by budget constraints and yet are most motivated to travel to a destination through a good deal or value for money.
They are the most likely to spend their holidays visiting family and, only taking 27 total days of vacation a year, they are very methodical, decisive and organised when picking a location and transportation.
Boomers love to explore the nature of a destination through its cultural centers, such as museums and art galleries.
While we don't like to generalise, these findings all seem pretty accurate.
What do you think, did they get it right?